October 2019

October 8th:

The yearbook staff is battling through 1500 stock page layouts to select 3 or 4 stock layout designs that will be mashed together to create our own unique layouts.

We have a few fun surprises in store, but it's important that seniors pay close attention to their Google Classroom and parents watch their emails!

We are anxiously awaiting the deluge of Senior photos, quotes, and memories so we can have a better sense of the overall tone and feel for the Senior section. From that, the staff will start digging (again) through the 1500 stock page layouts to select 6 different stock page layouts that can be mashed together to recreate that tone and feel!

Last week, the yearbook staff met with the Senior class to share all important information about submitting their photos, quotes, and memories. All information is posted in the Senior Google Classroom.

Quick Recap: Due date November 1st!!! ALL photos must be submitted through our yearbook portal -- ReplayIt. It's an app or website. You pick. This will ensure the photo quality and information is 'permanently' attached to the photo. Senior will be submitting two quotes but only one will appear in the yearbook - if the first makes it through the vetting committee that goes into the yearbook, if it doesn't, the staff starts again with the second quote. Memories will also need to make it through the vetting committee.