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Please read and understand our mission/vision regarding athletics :

Mission Statement

The mission of the Leavitt Area High School athletic department is to develop, enhance and preserve the educational values of interscholastic athletics by providing a safe environment for our student-athletes to mature their knowledge, skills, and abilities, to reach their full unique potential, to become self-directed lifelong learners, and become responsible and involved citizens, that demonstrate leadership and high standards of excellence.


Interscholastic athletics play an integral role in the complete high school educational experience. They lay the foundation for future success in life. The interscholastic athletic program at Leavitt Area High School is a key part of Leavitt’s co-curriculum offerings. The program provides opportunities and emphasizes goals that are difficult to duplicate or achieve in other high school activities. The coaches of interscholastic sports have an opportunity to achieve many educational goals outside of the classroom with small groups of highly motivated students. For many students, athletics provides an opportunity for rich and enduring learning experiences.

The Leavitt Area High School athletic department seeks to develop self-directed life long learners, responsible and involved citizens, good decision-makers, and teach the essential skills necessary to meet the demands of an ever-changing multicultural world. The academic success of all student-athletes is one of the department's top priorities. In addition to academic success, lessons in sportsmanship, leadership, work habits, a competitive spirit, a winning attitude as well as team and school loyalty are integral parts of team goals in our athletic department. This vision guides the work of the athletic department and our coaches. Our programs exist to prepare our students for the next level of life, not the next level of sports.

Athletics also play an important part in helping the individual student develop a healthy self-concept as well as a healthy body. Athletic competition adds to school spirit and helps students, spectators, and participants develop pride in their school. Our athletes are also expected to display ethical conduct and fair play by showing respect for fellow players, coaches, officials, opposing teams, and fans. Finally, student-athletes are expected to be model students in the classroom through their effort and their respect shown to school staff and adherence to school rules and expectations.