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This Page is Designed With the Parent in Mind

Introduction to the parent code of ethics and conduct:

The purpose of the Code of Ethics is to provide each parent or guardian with information, which will allow a better understanding of the conditions, guidelines, and rules of the athletic programs they choose to participate in at Leavitt Area High School. Participation in our programs should be a valuable part of your child’s education. The competition, dedication, and necessity to show respect for others will be an integral part of a student’s life; therefore, the support from each parent or guardian is a necessity to ensure their success. The publishing and distribution of this code is just one way that the athletic department of Leavitt Area High School hopes to create a positive environment for all participants in our programs. This code will be presented at the beginning of every sports season by each coach at his/her parents night meeting. The athletic director will also host an annual meeting for all parents prior to the start of the school year to address the code of ethics as well as other topics and will be available to answer questions at this meeting. The date of the meeting will be displayed on the school website and a letter will be sent home to all parents with at least two weeks notice. Hopefully, the information within will answer many questions in advance and help ensure a positive educational experience.

Please join us in taking the pledge to support your son or daughter in a positive way by clicking the code of ethics link.